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Executive Administration Assistant - Successful Projects

  • Remote Administrative Assistant
  • Network Marketing – Digital and Setting Appointments
  • Expense Reports – Managers and Teams
  • Newsletters – Customer Data Base and Employees
  • Meetings – Invites, Location, Catering
  • Scheduling – Calendar Management
  • Travel – Domestic and International
  • Event Planning – Corporate events – Family Events
  • Data Entry
  • Presentations – PowerPoint


Human Resources Partner - Remote

  • Medical Benefit¬† Shopping and Management
  • Recruiting, Screening, Onboarding
  • Behavioral Communication – Sales teams and Managers
  • Career Consulting -Resumes & Interviewing
  • Employee Retention Practices
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Events – Employee, Family, Holiday
  • Newsletters – Montlhy and Quarterly




Paylocity, ADP, Zenefits, Workday, Sage – MAS


Unleash Your Career Potential

  • Resume Designing
  • Interviewing
  • References – Screening
  • Onboarding
  • Social Media – Linkedin
  • Mastering Job Boards
  • Working with Staffing Agencies Successfully
  • Termination Packages

  Have an Active Vision, Strategy, and Roadmap to Reach Your Goals. Now you need extra manpower on an as-needed basis. We can help.


We Also Offer Hands-On Workshops


Have you ever heard of the 20% – 80% rule? It suggests that 20% of your team generates 80% of the sales. But what if there was a way to make the remaining 80% of your team more productive? Behavioral skills are not inherited; they are learned. We offer a fantastic workshop that addresses all personality types and equips your team with the necessary tools to move out of the 80% category. This program is currently available exclusively for sales teams, managers, and small business owners.

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